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Sports Day

Like most Cambridge Colleges, Darwin is twinned with a sister College at Oxford, Wolfson, which is also a Graduate College. There is an annual Sports Day held in the Lent term which is organised by the DCSA Sports and Societies Officers, where one College hosts the other in alternate years. 

Sports Day 18th March 2017

Held to celebrate inter-university armistice every year since 11000 BC (approximately), the exchange is a fantastic chance to meet and greet (and beat) other students from the 'other' place. 

This year, for the first time in recorded history, we are looking forward to extending the usual sports day to include all college societies. 

- James, Meltem and Sabin (Wolfson)


See the timetable below for what sports and activities are happening and sign up here if you'll be joining us: https://goo.gl/forms/dcFhc43vsAu0FxUN2

Everyone's free to come to any event even if you don't register, but it would help to know numbers! 




Contact James and Meltem with any questions (dcsa_sports@darwin.cam.ac.uk).


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