Darwin College Student Association (DCSA)

About the DCSA


The DCSA is an organization representing the interests and activities of students at Darwin College. All Darwin students are automatically members of the DCSA. An executive committee is appointed in biannual elections in June and November.

Contact us

For specific enquiries, contact details for the relevant representatives can be found under 'Your Representatives'. For publicity/newsletter and communications matters, contact dcsa_coms@darwin.cam.ac.uk. For general enquiries and issues, contact dcsa_president@darwin.cam.ac.uk or dcsa_secretary@darwin.cam.ac.uk.


DCSA Elections: November 2013

Eleven Positions within the Darwin College Students’ Association and one position on the College Council are up for election this term. This is a chance for you to represent Darwin students, voice your opinion during committee meetings and have a hand in the running of the College. Hustings will take place on Tuesday 19th November at 20:00 at the termly General Meeting. Here, all applicants for contested positions will give a two minute in support of their application.

Applicants for positions should submit a short manifesto (approx. 200 words) to Samy (dcsa_secretary@darwin.cam.ac.uk) and Giles (dcsa_president@darwin.cam.ac.uk). Manifestos should include applicants’ reasons for running, ideas that they might have for their position, and evidence of their suitability for the role. Applications must include their name and CRSid in their application, as well as the names and CRSids of their proposer and seconder, who must be Darwin students. The deadline for applications is Sunday the 17th November 11:59 pm.

The positions up for election are as follows:



Student Council Member

The College Council oversees the dealings of all other College committees and is the second most senior decision making body in College, after the Governing Body. The new representative must attend College Council meetings (held twice termly) along with the DCSA President and the current student council member. Student council members sit as full members of the College council and take on all the responsibilities and duties which that implies with the exception that, for reasons of liability, they do not act as Charity Trustees of the College. Contact Giles (dcsa_president@darwin.cam.ac.uk) or Jason (dcsa_council_reps@darwin.cam.ac.uk) to find out more.


Admiral of the Punts

With the help of the Punt Captains, it the Admiral’s duty to look after the Darwin armada, consisting of the College‘s punts and kayaks. This mainly consists of being responsible for the maintenance of the punts and kayak, management of punt club membership, and organization of punting events. Contact Laurens (punts@darwin.cam.ac.uk) for more information.


2 x Entertainment Officers

The Entertainment Officers are responsible for the planning, organisation and execution of Darwin’s bops, happening three times per term. Contact Lizzie Hepworth (dcsa_ents@darwin.cam.ac.uk) if you have any more questions.


Events Officer

The Events Officer chairs the Events Committee (consisting of the Events Officer, both Entertainment Officers, both Welfare Officers and the International Officer) and is responsible for organising social activities and events in College, with the exception of bops. In particular, this involves organising the College’s Burns Night celebration. Successful events overseen by Events Officers in the past have included garden parties, a Darwin Bake Off, an International Food Festival and a Chinese New Year celebration. Contact Xiaoting Wu (dcsa_events@darwin.cam.ac.uk) for more information.


Green Officer

The Green Officer acts as chair of the Green Committee, which exists to raise awareness of green and environmental issues within the College as well as promote green activities. The Green Committee also oversees the running of Darwin’s student allotment. Contact Giles (dcsa_president@darwin.cam.ac.uk) for more information.


2x Sports Officers

The Sports Officers are responsible for maintaining the college fitness room, giving fitness room inductions and liaising with the College’s sports clubs on matters relating to equipment and facilities. Contact Varun (dcsa_sports@darwin.cam.ac.uk) for more information.



The main responsibility of the DCSA Ambassador is to organise Formal Hall swaps with other Colleges. The DCSA Ambassador also assists the President in representing the DCSA to the Graduate Union and University Student Union. Contact Claire Louise Raisen (dcsa_ambassador@darwin.cam.ac.uk) for more information.


International Officer

The International Officer is responsible for representing the interests of international students to the DCSA Committee. They are also responsible for looking after the needs and welfare of Darwin’s large contingent of international students by organising international events. Contact Jan Kvasnicka (dcsa_international@darwin.cam.ac.uk) for more information.


Communications Officer

Communications Officer The Communications Officer’s responsibilities consist of managing the whatsup mailing list, managing the Darwin College Students Facebook page and ensuring that the DCSA section of the College website is kept up to date. In addition, they also sit on the College IT Committee. Contact Dáire Rowlands (dcsa_coms@darwin.cam.ac.uk) for more information.


LGBT Officer

The LGBT Officer (who must identify as LGBT) is responsible for representing the interests of LGBT students to the DCSA Committee and also for holding events for the LGBT community within College. Contact Giles (dcsa_president@darwin.cam.ac.uk) for more information.