Entertainment in Cambridge


The BOPs are the student parties all around the colleges in Cambridge. In Darwin, there are three BOPs per term, every time with a different theme and different ambiances... 70's, Black and White, DJs, silent discos, band concerts, all you imagine can happen during Darwin BOPs! So if you have a brilliant idea, just come to us and we'll plan together a fantastic night...


Cambridge has a good reputation for launching great bands (have you ever heard of Pink Floyd?)... A few concert halls and theatres have great shows during the year, and great people came last year like Regina Spektor or even Thom Yorke! Here are a few links you can check whenever you want to go to a great concert:


In the mood for a play? Cambridge has a few theatres with always good quality plays. Being a student usually makes things cheaper and then more accessible. Here are a few links that you can check:


In need for a big american production? A british comedy? A French drama? An international movie festival? Don't forget the Darwin Film club which takes place every Monday night in the TV room... A few cinemas in town will help you to find what you want:


Even if Darwin Bar is the best place in the world, Cambridge is a amazing place to find pubs and enjoy a great beer. British real Ale? IPA? Lager? Belgian beers? Or other spirits? There are about 120 pubs in town to serve you what you want... Here is a link to help you: