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DCSA election and Michaelmas Termly General Meeting

The Michaelmas Termly General Meeting of the DCSA will be on Tuesday the 3rd of November at 8:00 pm in the Common Room .

Termly General Meetings (TGMs) happen three times a year and are an opportunity for DCSA members (that's you!) to participate. Any DCSA member can propose (with a seconder) a motion to be voted upon by the members present at the General meeting, which is the supreme decision making body of the DCSA.

Prospective candidates for Committee roles also undergo hustings during the meeting. Below you can find the manifestos of the people running for the positions that are up for election at the Michaelmas TGM.


Entertainments Officer:

Candidate: Audrey Birner

Proposer: Sam Nicholls

Seconder: Neil Dubey

Hello my name is Audrey Birner. I am a fresher doing an MPhil in Latin American Studies and
I am very interested in the role of DCSA entertainment officer. I feel qualified to plan events.
While at university, I served as vice president and then president of The Jefferson Society, a
speech and debating society with a strong social component. Therefore, in my capacity as
vice president, I hosted a university-wide speaker series of 12 academics. As president of
the same organization, I ran weekly meetings for 300 undergraduate and graduate members
while overseeing an executive committee of 15 of my peers. One of the functions of the
executive committee was to put on a formal dance which had a final attendance of nearly
500 people. After university, I did a Fulbright in Spain. In this role, I was responsible for
planning and teaching weekly lessons to 90 Spanish secondary students as well as helping to
plan and run a mock Model United Nations conference for 150 students from the Madrid
region. In my experience thus far, Darwin seems like an amazing place with amazing social
potential, and I would love to help with this in whatever way I can.

Communications Officer:

Candidate: Stefan Winzeck

Proposer: Sam Nichols

Seconder: Audrey Birner

Hereby, I would like to apply for the position as Communication Officer. In the past years I
have been part of various groups (both work related and in my leisure time), and I realized
that the key of success is mainly due to proper communication. Therefore I think that
keeping information transparent and pass it on to people who could profit from it.
Furthermore, I believe that keeping Darwinians informed will help them to easily participate
in up-coming events and will subsequently strengthen Darwinians commitment to our
fantastic college. Besides summarizing, reorganizing and passing on information. I would be
glad to keep an eye on the webpage to support maintenance.

International Officer:

Candidate: Regina Schlütter

Proposer: Blake Thomson

Seconder: Tom Gleeson

Saluton, mondo!

As we all come from different countries and cultures, grew up in specific counties with
individual customs and traditions, there are thousands of things, thoughts and views that
we can share and benefit from – and have fun with!
I am Regina Schlütter and would like to run for the International Officer in Darwin. I have
travelled to some different parts of the world and studied a year in Korea, which provided
me with a few glimpses into other cultures and their complexities. I am fascinated by how
different people are around the world and how similar at the same time. I believe that
everyone benefits from exchange and experiencing something (fun) together! For that
reason mostly, but also because I would like to play an active role in Darwin, I would love to
become your next International Officer.
I would like to organise event(s) that can help us understand the British culture a little
better; similarly I propose at least one event enabling us to dive into some other cultures
from all over the world; and thirdly as I believe in the saying that love goes through the
stomach – what do you think about an international food event?!


Candidate: Elaine Gray

Proposer: Giles Shaw

Seconder: Stephanie Ashenden

Hi, I'm Elaine, a second year PhD student working in psychology and education and I'm
running for the role of DCSA secretary. The secretary ensures the DCSA committee's
activities run as smoothly as possible, which means planning and organisational skills are a
key quality. Anyone who knows me well knows I love planning and organising...perhaps
more than is normal. In the research post I had before joining Darwin I had administrative
responsibilities including setting meetings, producing agendas, taking minutes, and
distributing minutes, all of which are required in the secretary post. The secretary also
manages room bookings (including the TV room) and I will ensure a fast turnaround for
bookings. I have spoken with several current and past DCSA committee members (including
the current secretary) about what the role involves and I believe I have the necessary skills
and experience to take on the role. I have loved my past year at Darwin and I would like to
be more involved in the committee-side of college life to help ensure that everyone else
also loves their time at Darwin. If elected I look forward to working hard in this post! Thank
you for considering me for the DCSA secretary position.

LGBT Officer:

Candidate: Aleix Gorchs Rovira

Proposer: Joe O’Connell

Seconder: Cyan Williams

I think it is important to continue the work that Joe started last year. As a member of the
LBGT+ community I think it is quite important to have this position fulfilled. It is noteworthy
to acknowledge that the LGBT+ community could have sometimes different welfare needs
to non-LGBT peers and I find quite important that in Darwin we have a contact point for it
when it is needed. Also I think it is important to have an LGBT officer in order to inform and
help to another LBGT members about topics such as homo/bi/transphobia or sexual health
or support in coming out. These topics if they are not addressed properly can influence the
academic work of the student or event their social life.
Furthermore, it would be nice to stablish a sense of community between the LGBT
community (obviously also open to non-LGBT people) by doing activities such as movie
nights, Q&A, informal drinks or meals together. This will help to create a friendly social
network open to everyone to enjoy the Darwin experience to its fullest.

Green Officer:

Candidate: Max Stammnitz

Proposer: Philipp Braeuninger-Weimer (pab96)

Seconder: Rosie Freer (rf389)


This is Max, second year Darwinian and PhD student in Computational Biology. Last year, I
have been involved with many green activities in and outside of Darwin college, e.g.
planning, seeding and caring of our wonderful vegetable garden. A couple of ongoing and
starting projects in our college which I would love to emphasise and further promote as your
future green officer:


1.) introducing a geeky, automatised vegetable garden irrigation system

2.) organise a green city walk, in which we explore and discuss options of vegetarian, vegan
and local food supply, ethical banking, and political sustainability initiatives in Cambridge

3.) repeating previous year's the "One-World Challenge", a three-weeks lasting worldwide
student-team competition for sustainable lifestyle

College Politics

1.) proposing a different policy in regard to kitchen equipment in Darwin student
accomodations, since too many goods are unnecessarily discarded by the college staff
between the academic years

2.) progressively linking our college to the university-wide Positive Investment Campain

3.) re-assessing the types and flows of plastic and compost in college, in close collaboration
with Darbar and the Dining hall staff
I am happy to respond to your questions about these ideas at any time, just drop me a mail

to mrs72 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk.

Best regards,


College Council Representative:

Candidate: Maher Zghondi

Proposer: Eric Faber

Seconder: Stephanie Ashenden

I am writing to apply for the College Counsel Representative. During my undergraduate
studies, I have been involved strongly within student societies and held positions such as
President, VP Finance, and VP Sponsorship. I have learned how to communicate ideas
clearly and represent the clubs I lead and I am involved in with honesty, integrity, and high
level of professionalism. Having an impact on my direct community is a strong motivator for
me and I believe that I will be able to add value to the college and its members. One of my
strengths is the ability to listen carefully and attentively to others which I believe will help
me significantly in building an effective communication bridge between the college and the

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